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1982 Grays Harbor Cast Replica

This is a first-generation replica of the orginal cast made outside Elma, WA. There were numerous casts made at this event, including the widely-traded Heryford cast, two casts sold as a pair through other vendors, a half-cast recently rediscovered and detailed in Bigfoot Roadtrip, and several others.

Details of this track find (and two others that happened in the same time frame) can be found on the BFRO database. Click here to go directly to the report.

This replica has been hand-poured, stained to add define detail, and coated with a protective finish by Cliff Barackman. His signature will be on the back.

The casting material is rather heavy, so shipping is a consideration. To make up for this (and to keep things simple), the shipping price has been included in the total for the cast, as long as it’s shipped in the United States (for international orders, we’ll have to exchange some emails to get the shipping price correct). Please allow two or three weeks for delivery, though it will probably arrive much more quickly.

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