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Please take a little time and complete the following report form. Depending on how fast you type, it should take less than 10 minutes, give or take a little. Either one of my representatives or I will contact you if we have any follow up questions.

Your personal information (name, email, phone, etc.) will not be shared publicly. If the encounter occurred at your home or your active research location, I will also keep your privacy by not sharing the exact location. The other details of your encounter might be published unless you request them not to be. Simply let me know in the “narrative” section which information you do not want made public, and I will respect your wish.

Please enter your age. If you prefer not to answer, leave this field empty.
Who else was there at the encounter?
Was your encounter a one-time thing, or have there been multiple encounters at this location? If neither of these choices seems appropriate for your situation, mark "other."
Please enter the month/year/day and time when the encounter occurred. If you are not sure, take your best guess.
Where in the world did the encounter occur?
Please add in the State/Province of where it occurred.
What was the nearest town or landmark where the encounter occurred?
This can be a highway, road, logging road, or trail near where the encounter happened.
Describe the location of the encounter. This can be not only where it occurred (e.g., three miles up road 12n13 next to the trail head), but also what the area was like (e.g., a thick, brushy river bottom with steep granite canyon walls).
What type of encounter did you have? You may check more than one type.
What were you doing right before the encounter? Common answers might include camping, fishing, cooking, hiking, driving, etc.
Please tell me exactly what happened. Start at the beginning and walk me through the events. Be as descriptive as you can.
Please mark any evidence that you collected from this encounter. If none was collected, please leave the check boxes empty.
If you have a file to share with me (such as a photograph, movie, or sound file), you may upload it here.
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